About Us

The Slice of Life Australia (SOLA) General Store was founded by Karen Anstiss. SOLA was started by Mrs Anstiss to assist her mum, who suffered from debilitating anxiety and depression. It was here that her mother began to shine as a volunteer. Mrs Anstiss started SOLA with a “mission to provide safe and fulfilling employment” for the disabled. After 11 years of offering wonderful opportunities to people with disability, SOLA closed its doors in May 2017.

Civic Disability Services heard about this and wanted to ensure the ongoing employment opportunities for people with disability in the Shoalhaven area so they took on the business.

After a few months of renovations the cafe reopened as Nourish Kitchen + Cafe and officially opened it’s doors on 12th September 2017. Nourish was chosen as the name of the cafe because it represents what Civic is trying to achieve – to nourish people through food but to also support people.

In 2018 Nourish Kitchen + Cafe was  renamed as Civic Kitchen and Catering to focus on the catering aspect of the venture.

Civic Kitchen and Catering is able to reemploy most of the SOLA supported employees in addition to some new supported employees and other staff from the local area. The staff at Civic Kitchen and Catering are amazing and super keen. Meet them here.

We are proud to be able to provide employment opportunities and skills growth to people with disability in the Shoalhaven region. We are also excited to provide quality food and great coffee.

We look forward to meeting you at Civic Kitchen and Catering.