Meet Our Staff


I love: Having a joke and having fun, asking lots of questions and telling stories about my family and what I’ve been doing, work, doing Florentines, baking Peach slice, love with everyone we are like family.

Alison (Ally)

I love: Love to come to work and see my friends, craft, candle making, making perfumes, like working with staff, help making the sandwiches, working the front of shop.

Debbie (Deb)

I love:  Keeping fit, paddle board, BBQ with friends, relaxed and easy going work environment.

Gavin (Gay)

I love: Having a chat, playing computer games, customer service, church.


I love: A hot chocolate, chopping onions, having a joke, love to help with dishes, mowing the lawns, jewellery and lollie’s.

James (James Bond)

I love: Cooking, love to do slices with staff, AFL Swans and cats, having chats, reading the paper, having a joke, sweeping the kitchen.


I love: Cooking, like to have a laugh, customer service, making coffees, helping out the back, teaching others.


I love: Having a joke, working at the chiropractor, love chatting with the boys out the back, like to make people laugh, love to cook my biscuits as they are famous.


I love: The tigers and rugby league, having a joke, keeping fit.


I love: Being outdoors, having a joke, chocolate, enjoy learning how to cook, giving things a go, interaction with all staff.


I love: To have a laugh and joke.


I love: Talking with people, having a joke, my family, helping out, love cups of tea with two sugars and milk, love the Bulldogs football team.

Matt (Matty)

I love: Country music, having a joke, WWE, working with the boys.


I love: Having a joke, watching sports, my favorite NRL team is the Sharks, being outdoors, interaction with all staff members, enjoy cooking.


I love: Having a joke, lists, having a chat, coffee, helping others, colour coding.

Ruth (Ruth Babe)

I love: Going out for coffee and dinner with my friends and family, the beach, the pub, the crew at work – being part of the A team, love making coffee.